Do you face challenges in strategic management, human resources and organizational consulting and looking for effective solutions?

During the course, he was able to develop and implement coherent strategies for companies, especially for human resources and improve internal processes and procedures in difficult work environments, and he participated in a number of consultations in the field of strategic management, human resources and training. These tasks are covered in a wide range of industries. Factories, medical sector, information systems and communications technology, electronic business, electronics, textile industries and small and medium enterprises .

Majid Al-Saqa has been involved in the evaluation, development and implementation of full HR systems, appointment of executives and evaluation of leaders in the markets of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt and other countries.

Majid Al-Sakka has provided numerous training and consulting programs in many bodies and companies for executives and decision makers.

  • Majid Al-Saqa relies on his methodology, especially in consulting and practical training, which depends on real-world applications, information and modern data in the fields of management.

Services provided by Dr. Majid Al-Saqa

  • Guiding entrepreneurs and owners of medium and small businesses: 

    Provide guidance and advice services to entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium enterprises.
    Support them in developing sustainable growth and success strategies.

  • Coaching leaders and institutions:
    Coaching entrepreneurial: Helping entrepreneurs develop their leadership and management skills, build actionable business plans, and meet challenges.

         Executive Coaching: Help CEOs develop their leadership skills, strategic decision-making, and change management.
         Assist organizations in developing a culture that promotes guidance and assistance to employees.
         Stimulate effective communication and promote professional development.

  • Providing individual consultation and training to CEOs and entrepreneurs:
    Develop personal and professional leadership for CEOs and entrepreneurs.
    Support them in achieving success and achieving their goals.
  • Consulting in Organizational Engineering and Governance.
  • Strategic Planning and Investor Support.
  • Effective corporate regulation and organizational structures.
  • Empowering Family Businesses.
  • Gallup assessment for individuals and institutions:

         Support them in achieving success and achieving their goals.Gallup: (Gallup) is a methodology used by the Gallup Foundation to   discover the strengths of individuals. It is a methodology that focuses on the development of individual strengths rather than on  weaknesses and negative points. This methodology several steps, as follows questionnaire, Analysis, Strength Recognition, Development and Mentoring.

Top Advantages of Mentorship Programs from Kayan:

  • Getting a complete program tailored to your personality, needs and business goals
  • Discovering your points of strength to boost, and points of weaknesses to improve
  • Complete confidentiality and privacy of conversations
  • Online and face-to-face interviews
  • Enhancing self-confidence
  • Enhancing the feeling of happiness and satisfaction
  • Correcting path and developing ambitions
  • Growing the ability to face challenges, solve problems and make the right decisions
  • Work relationships guidance

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