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Did you know that choosing the correct advisor is the most crucial step on the road to success?

To grow your success both personally and professionally, it is essential to have an advisor by your side. This advisor understands your values and culture as well as collaborates with you to align your efforts and mission with your vision and ambition. This is especially true if you are responsible for a business or organization and you want your brand to thrive and excel.

Your advisor will explore the strengths and defining characteristics of your personality. He is able to reveal the weaknesses that impede your progress and business development. He raises your awareness, because the more aware you are, the wiser and more patient you will become and thus the more successful you will be.

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Tawfeeq Al Mubarak

Enjoying more than 25 years of experience, Advisor Tawfeeq Al Mubarak has spent most of them as a government official and leader of various teams in distinguished entities and diverse working environments.
Throughout his career journey, Tawfeeq Al Mubarak was able to help numerous managers and officials overcome their daily work challenges and difficulties and see the impact of his advisory on their continuous professional and personal achievements.


Atti Assi

Experience Coach Atti began his professional career by working for 8 years in his family’s group of companies in the industry of hospitality, entertainment, and retail services. In 2009, he established his own company, A&T Group Interiors, as it was his first own business venture with a capital that did not exceed AED 50,000, soon, the company succeeded in submitting bids and completing contracts totaling more than AED 500 million.

Rania has been serving on the Executive Board of Kestria International since October 2015. Kestria is the world’s largest executive search alliance, represented in more than 40 countries across 6 continents.

Advisor Ababneh has an impressive track record of holding high-ranking executive positions in various major enterprises across multiple countries. Some notable examples include Al-Suwaidi Holding Company, DHL in the GCC and MENA countries, and Alghurair Group, which operates in over 20 countries. 

Advisor Mohamed Tohami is a seasoned expert in marketing and entrepreneurship. Today, he provides his rich marketing and mentoring advice through Kayan Advisory platform to executives who face challenges in developing and implementing marketing plans and strategies for their companies,
Advisor Khaled Elahmad is an expert in personal branding and marketing strategies with over 15 years of experience in the field. Khaled Elahmad is the Founder and CEO of Mujtama.AI, a pioneering project based on artificial intelligence. With a focus on producing engaging written and visual content, Khaled combines the latest marketing technologies and social media strategies to drive business success,

ِAdvisor Maliha Al-Foudari has 30 years experience as an official in the government and oil sectors. Maliha is an expert in many practical fields and specializations including; contracts, procurements, design, project management, claims and qualification. 

Advisor Raja’a Yousif Allaho has over 25 years of experience in the provision of consultancy, training, and coaching and has specialized in people development and performance. She has worked on several projects and programs for companies in public and private institutions.

Mohamed Hallak is a real estate consultant and an expert in real estate investment and managing the real estate portfolios for more than 15 years, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 2004 from Imam Al-Awza’i University in Lebanon and a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a general grade of excellence from the Swiss Business School, and he won the Best MBA Student Award for the Class of 2018.

Majid Al-Saqa holds a doctorate in the field of strategic management from the United Kingdom, MBA and performance evaluation and many professional courses and certificates in the field of strategic management, human resources and coaching and has worked in many government bodies, institutions and sectors in the field of training and consulting in strategic management, human resources, consulting, organizational and training.

Zed Ayesh is a highly accomplished chief executive officer, business expert, and distinguished leader with over 34 years of experience leading and managing global companies in multiple sectors and industries worldwide. He is passionate about sustainable growth and continuous profitability.

Faisal Al-Akshan brings over 24 years of diverse experience to the table.

Feras Mansour, a Dubai-based Commercial Advisor, is a highly respected expert in the fashion industry, specializing in managing, developing, and expanding international fashion brands. With extensive experience in MENA, Europe, and
Latin America, Feras excels in store concept consultation, flagship store development, retail chain operations, loyalty programs, corporate partnerships, and fashion tourism.

Hashem Ahmed Jaafar is a highly experienced Brand Strategy Specialist and the creative director and founder of Chameleon Creative Studio. With over 20 years of industry experience, he is a recognized expert in the field of branding and design.

Kayan, enhancing your business, Enriching your personal branding

We are here to empower you to become an influential leader in your industry with a distinct vision and mission, a person who is not afraid of challenges, a leader who is able to overcome business conflicts, a leader who is able to make sound strategic decisions on his own.

We are here to understand your needs, we dive deep into your personality to discover your true passion and what really makes you happy, we develop within you hope, contentment and happiness sentiments, we enhance your confidence and skills. Kayan advisors help you discover your potential through a deep bilateral dialogue, and we are all ears to what is going on inside you.

We are happy to design customized consultations for you to guide you, correct your path, and create great ambitions with you.

Top Advantages of Mentorship Programs from Kayan

Getting a complete program tailored to your personality, needs and business goals

Discovering your points of strength to boost, and points of weaknesses to improve

Complete confidentiality and privacy of conversations

Online and face-to-face interviews

Enhancing self-confidence

Enhancing the feeling of happiness and satisfaction

Correcting path and developing ambitions

Growing the ability to face challenges, solve problems and make the right decisions

Work relationships guidance

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