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Established in 2023, Kayan is a business and personal advisory platform that aims to guide and assist managers, executives, and business owners in finding effective practical solutions to overcome their business and career challenges. Kayan embraces proficient mentors with more than 20 years of experience in various industries. Our qualified advisors provide feasible strategies to achieve great ambitions and support institutions and business owners.

At Kayan, we are highly concerned with discovering your true inner passion through a deep one-on-one advisory that brings you together with experts who were once in your situation and were able to thrive and make a difference. With more than 20 years of rich professional life, each of our advisors has earned extensive executive-level experience in running profitable businesses, leading large teams, and delivering outstanding results.

The Kayan team is aware that having a thorough understanding individual’s needs and one’s self is the groundwork for happiness and sought-after success. We also recognize that every business has particular requirements, which is why we offer a comprehensive and specially tailored advisory program that enables identifying the demands of the clients carefully.

Kayan aspires to be one of the leading professional and personal advisory institutions in the region.Through its integrated dedicated team of mentors who competently offer advice and guidance through the best mentorship sessions to satisfy our clients.

Our Mission

Providing the best professional and personal mentorship sessions to enable executives and senior management of companies and institutions to lead strategically and maintain business sustainability through individual advisory programs.

Our Vision

To be the primary provider of customized individual mentorship services for senior executives and business owners in the Middle East, and to develop leaders in order to make a positive impact in their organizations and societies.

Our Values


Transparency of communication



Privacy and confidentiality

Mutual Respect

Why Kayan Advisors?

My qualified personal advisor in Kayan, who combines experience with the most recent techniques, will assist me with:

Recognizing my core values and key drivers

Before entering new relationships, partnerships, or any work environment, I will identify my real values and true psychological motives.

Identifying my personal qualities and areas where I excel

Through one-on-one mentorship sessions with Kayan, I’ll discover the ultimate destination of my professional and personal life journey, as well as maximize my full potential, in order to leave a lasting positive impact on my community and country.

Determining and writing down my life goals

With the help of my professional advisor, I will be able to define my life goals, boost my self-confidence, and achieve exceptional life-long successes.

Leaving the past behind and focusing on the present moment and my future

My negative emotions and thoughts that prevent a positive transition in my life will be banished. I will finally be able to reconcile with myself and forgive others, I'll also earn their trust.

Developing a clear vision for my upcoming successes

My values and personal qualities are mirrored in the clarity of my goals. This goal clarity helps me paint a detailed picture of opportunities and potential areas of success in the future.

Developing a review and evaluation mechanism

I'll create a useful system for assessing and monitoring my activities so that I can grow as a person and a business owner, and accomplish my objectives.

Determining my business’s impact and heir

I will be able to define the impact that I wish to make on my industry and society, and then others will be able to follow my path and complete the endeavors that I have started.

Finding true work-life balance

Finally, I'll be able to strike a balance between my personal and professional lives. My inner peace and well-being fuel up my energy, so that I can lead my team efficiently, and accomplish my goals in my profession.

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